Lazio scherma had to stop activities in March, due to Covid 19 but immediately afterwards it started to find new solutions for its athletes respecting all the new rules set out by our Government.

Our fencing Masters of both sabre and epee started virtual lessons on Zoom, trying to keep in touch with their athletes. The new fencing world is now virtual: Masters and athletes are all virtually connected now. This new type of lesson is proving a great success!

Thanks to Zoom it’s also possible to work with fencers from all over the world. So, our head coach Vincenzo Castrucci has started some special training days with Singapore Modern Fencing’s head coach Igor Celli.

Therefore, we are proud to present our “Singapore’s Saturdays”: Full of fun and high quality work!

saturday 11 April: Athletic training competition

saturday 18 April: Athletic training competition

saturday 25 April: Team competition

saturday 2 May: Team competition

saturday 9 May: Team competition