Great success for the report on safety and duration of saber blades, presented Saturday 11th June  at the Bocciodromo, during the Italian Senior Championships.

The vice president of Lazio Scherma, Gina Trombetta, gave a brief introduction to the topic and presented the speakers.

11.06.2016 Roma (foto G.Ciacchi)
11.06.2016 Roma
(Photo by G.Ciacchi)

The President of Federscherma, Giorgio Scarso, who spoke at the beginning of the meeting, greatly appreciated the work and the project started, underlining a particular attention that the Federation has on athletes’ safety issues.

11.06.2016 Roma (foto Bizzi per Federscherma)
11.06.2016 Rome
(Photo by Bizzi for Federscherma)

The speech by MSc Andrea Mazzarano (Manager of Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA – a RINA company), accompanied by explanatory slides with images and graphs, clearly illustrated the monitoring performed on a large sample of blades (about 100) used by athletes from the SS Lazio Fencing Club in early 2016. Statistical analysis showed how the 10 different types of blade behaved differently during the tests, both in terms of abnormal breakages and duration.

11.06.2016 Roma Il Dott. Mazzarano durante la presentazione (foto G.Ciacchi)
11.06.2016 Rome
MSc. A. Mazzarano during the presentation
(Photo by G.Ciacchi)

The Centro Sviluppo Materiali and MSc. Mazzarano had already worked on behalf of the FIE for the analysis of a particular sword blade, which was then withdrawn from the international market. We remind you that an introductory article on the anomalous breaks of some saber blades is soon to be published in «the sword» 10/2016 – British Fencing.

The acquisition of data on broken blades during bouts in our club was performed by M ° Vincenzo Castrucci, who investigated both aspects related to the type of fencing of the numerous athletes monitored (technical or physical) and its impact on abnormal breakage and the duration of blades.

The meeting was concluded by the speach of the President of the SEMI Commission of the FIS and member of the FIE SEMI Committee, Giandomenico Varallo, who called for the continuation of the project with the collaboration of other fencing clubs, in order to further broaden the statistical base and provide MSc. Mazzarano with even more data.

The numerous interventions at the end of the meeting confirmed the interest of the Masters of all three weapons and the transversal aspect of the topic, of great importance for all Fencing Clubs.

11.06.2016 Roma Confronti fra Maestri: Vincenzo Castrucci e Daniele Anile (foto G.Ciacchi)
11.06.2016 Rome
Discussion among Masters: Vincenzo Castrucci and Daniele Anile
(Photo by G.Ciacchi)

A heartfelt thanks to the F.I.S, attentive to this topic and the issues raised, and for the presence at the meeting of such important people from President Scarso, to the Secretary General Cannella and the Councilors De Bartolomeo and Azzi; Thanks also to the President of the Lazio Regional Committee, Claudio Fontana, and to the Secretary, Domenico Guarneri, for having contributed to the success of the event. A heartfelt thanks also to the Frascati Scherma, the Organizing Committee of the Italian Senior Championships, who hosted this meeting during the event.

Here is the news on the Federscherm site:,-di-francisca-e-criscio-vincono-i-titoli-della-terza-giornata-assegnati-i-tricolore-di-fioretto-paralimpico